Step 1- a sketch made in photoshop...nothing advanced just to make some guidelines


Step 2-Added a gradient background and some basic dark colours. The background couse its easier to see where the light is coming from that way. The dark colours couse I think its easier to start with dark and then add light then the other way around.

Step 3-giving the characters their main colours.

Step 4-Added light in form of brighter colours.

Step 5-Colouring it with opacity set to 90%

Step 6-Added some more ligth in the cloud in form of a brighter yellow tone

Step 7-Started working with low opacity brushes on the demon. Gives a more smother look.

Step 8-Continued to work on deteils. Maight be hard to see the diffrence from step 7 but I started working with low opacity on the man on this step

Step 9-Gave the "soul" some life using low opacity, also smothed the light from the soul alittle

Step 10-Tried to make the cloud more cloud like by darken it alittle and added the sun.

Step 11-Thought it looked alittle empty so I started working on a little background

step 12-Only some more backround elements added souch as the stars in the sky and the building...

This was the last step made in Photoshop

Step 13- Finished it using alot of brushes in Painter 7

  Copyright 2007